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Tooth Extraction and Implant Timeline

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Whether you’re searching for “tooth extraction in North County, CA” or “dental implants in North County, CA,” North County Dental Arts is the solution for you! We offer these services from a dentist who’s passionate about seeing patients smile beautifully and who not only provides the service but teaches about it at the Live Implant Training course.

But before you waste one second reaching out to us, it helps to educate yourself about the timeframe to ensure it’s feasible for you.

So let us break down a general timeline for you, from extraction to implant!

General Information

A dental implant is a permanent and effective solution for replacing missing teeth. It starts with our dentist placing a small titanium post surgically into the jawbone beneath the gum line.

The implant acts as an artificial tooth root, providing a strong foundation for a replacement tooth or dental prosthesis.

Before our dentist may place an implant, you first must undergo an extraction if you still have any of the tooth remaining.

During a tooth extraction, a dental professional removes a tooth from its socket in the bone.

Initial Consultation

At the first appointment, your dentist will assess your oral health, review your medical history, and perform a comprehensive examination, which may include X-rays or CT scans. This evaluation helps determine if an extraction will be necessary and if you’re a suitable candidate for dental implants.


In general, a simple tooth extraction typically takes around 20 to 40 minutes. However, more complex cases, such as teeth with multiple roots, may require more time, ranging from 45 minutes to an hour or longer.

The process is rather straightforward. On the extraction day, you’ll receive anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. The dentist will then perform the extraction, which typically takes anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the complexity of the extraction.

After we remove the tooth, you’ll be given gauze to bite down on to control bleeding. Your dentist may provide additional instructions for managing discomfort, swelling, and any post-extraction complications.

Over the next few days to weeks, the extraction site will start to heal. You may experience some swelling, discomfort, or mild bleeding during this period.

Implant Procedure

The next part of the tooth extraction and implant timeline consists of our dentist placing the implant into the jawbone.

Usually, we can perform an immediate implant on the same day as your extraction, eliminating the need for a second procedure and allowing you to receive your beautiful new smile sooner.


For this phase, our dentist will surgically place the dental implant into the jawbone. We complete dental implants in North County, CA, under local anesthesia, and if necessary, we’ll administer sedation or general anesthesia for your comfort.

We’ll then open the gum tissue to drill to position the implant. Finally, we’ll place the implant and stitch the gum tissue in place.


Over the next few months, osseointegration takes place, allowing the implants to fuse with the surrounding jawbone. This process is crucial for the stability and longevity of the implant.

Abutment Procedure

Once osseointegration is complete, our dentist performs minor surgery to attach an abutment to the implant. The abutment acts as a connector between the implant and the final restoration.


You’ll then receive a temporary crown while you wait for your jaw to heal, which usually takes three to six months.

After your gums heal, our dentist will take impressions of your mouth to create the final dental prosthesis — a crown, bridge, or denture. The restoration is custom-made to match your own teeth’s shape, size, and color, providing a natural-looking result.


Finally, you receive your implant restoration. During this phase, our dentist sends the impressions to a lab to have your crown, bridge, or denture made. This process usually takes two to three weeks.

You then must return to the office, and our dentist will place the crown, which typically takes 20 to 30 minutes.

So now you know the tooth extraction and implant timeline! If you’re ready to undergo a tooth extraction in North County, CA, and then receive implants and an implant restoration, North County Dental Arts has the skill and know-how to provide you with the results you want and usually in a timeframe similar to this one.

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