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How We Treat Severe Periodontal Disease

This patient had severe periodontal disease in all eight molars, three months ago, we extracted all eight molars in all four quadrants in addition to bone graft and socket preservation.

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BONE GRAFTING at the time of extraction is VITAL to maintaining bone profile and shape. Often times after a tooth is extracted without grafting, the bone architecture collapses during the healing process. This is a problem that leads to many complications that include:

  • Accelerating adjacent tooth movement into the empty space (which can lead to more issues)
  • Inadequate bone for future implant placement

Finally, even if you don’t plan to do an implant, it complicates bridge design if you choose to do a bridge. Instead of a nice flat, easy-to-clean space, you end up with a bridge that is difficult to clean which brings you right back to where you started!

Here is a brief video showing our advanced full mouth rehabilitation scanning:

Video thumbail

Back to our patient, because he opted to graft with his extractions, we set the stage for a simple, predictable, and sustainable outcome! We placed four implants with the assistance of 3D digitally planned and guided surgery.

By combining 3D CT X-rays, digital CAD design, and 3D PRINTING, we are able to place implants exactly where we want them to; this helps maintain SAFE, CONSISTENT, and SUSTAINABLE outcomes!

Our patient will return in a few weeks to receive his crowns!

If you feel you could benefit from full mouth rehab, then please contact us today!


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